Why US

At Aussie StudyExpress is all about you because YOU COME FIRST FOR US. We do what we say, and we say what we do. This is the single most important thing that separates us from other education consultants and agents.

We are a trusted name in the industry, who helps students to get admitted to reputable colleges and universities across Australia.

  • Tailored solution to career goals and aspirations
  • Decades of experience and expertise
  • Authorised Agent of over many reputable Colleges and Universities
  • Abides by Professional Code of Conduct
  • Experienced Education Counsellors registered with PIER
  • Free counselling
  • Free student visa lodgement
  • Free airport pick in Australia
  • Free accommodation placement in Australia
  • Free Job placement assistance in Australia  
  • Multi-lingual staff that speaks Nepalese and Hindi
  • Offshore offices in multiple countries like Nepal and India.